Preparing for your session


Your QHHT session and how to prepare

Before your session think of and bring as many questions you have for your higher self to answer. These questions can be about anything, and there are no limits. Many people are curious about their purpose, who they really are and why they are here!

On the morning of your session try and limit caffeine intake because you want to feel relaxed and not jittery. Sessions can run from 4-7 hours so prepare accordingly and bring a snack.

Before the Hypnosis part of the session we will spend some time getting to know each other and your reasons for wanting this experience. We will then go into how easy this process will be and how you can be easily guided into this deep state of relaxation to find the answers to many things. The Hypnosis part of the process will last for about 2 hours or a little longer. You will not have to worry about remembering anything, because the whole thing will be recorded for you.

While in this deep state of relaxation you will be guided by Sarah through 1-3 past lives or other experiences your soul has had. Where ever you go is exactly where your higher self will take you, and is often where your questions and issues began. Once you understand this information this alone can be incredibly transformational.

During the deep relaxation part of the session Sarah will access your Higher self, often known as the intuition to answer all your list of questions and to scan the body to heal and repair any issues that are known or often unknown.

Once the hypnosis is over we will discuss what you remember and examine some of the answers that your higher self gave you. Many people wake up in a state of enlightenment after realizing who they really are, the true power they possess, and their true purpose for this life!