What our clients are saying...

"She is an incredibly gifted hypnotherapist. She makes you feel so comfortable, and her "office" is peaceful and inviting. She incorporates essential oils and great insightful wisdom. I highly recommend her for healing, addiction recovery, and spiritual elevation!"

C.F. Cudjoe Key, FL

“If you are lucky enough to get a session with Sarah, all I can say is do it!” I met Sarah in the summer of 2016 where she was facilitating (Past life Regressions) for Dr. Brian Weiss. This workshop was my last resort since I had been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in December of that year. My outlook was grim, the cancer had metastasized and I was awaiting yet another surgery after I got back. I was drawn to Sarah right away, her kindness and incredible compassion motivated me to get a session with her. Little did I know she would save my life, in fact in almost a supernatural confidence, after my session with Sarah I (Knew) my cancer was gone. During the session I discovered what caused this cancer and why I had created it in the first place. I learned that if I created it I could also get rid of it. I released years and life times of stuck emotions and learned about my real purpose in this life.

About two weeks later I met with my doctors to schedule the surgery, and they couldn’t find the cancer on the ultrasound! In fact, after blood tests, and other scans they decided that for some reason the cancer was gone!!! My cancer was gone!! All because I took a chance and had a session with Sarah. I can’t explain the joy and incredible gratitude I feel after getting a second chance at life. Thank you!!!!

O.T. Montreal, CA